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For photography is essential to have a special eye, a steady hand and good legs. It takes sensitivity and imagination: if you do not have these qualities, there is no school in the world to teach.
The eye of the photographer and painter who enjoys such as the shape, texture, light. The legs should be available to an insatiable curiosity, but not obtrusive: a slight presence that draws an image with the light that only he, the photographer, in that moment sees: see, look. See things that others can not or do not know how to see. The hand, the index finger, have the great privilege of stopping unrepeatable moment.
The technique itself does not exist, but specific techniques are useful and what is being expressed through the camera that is like the brush for the painter or the pen to the writer. Each photographer constructs his technique working and here is the superb handcrafted look that determines the uniqueness of each author and his work. Focusing on the technical means to admit to not having much to say, often technically good photograph does not convey any emotion. Emotion that I feel for fifty years, every time I take a photograph. The one great inexhaustible passion that takes me in life.
Lorenzo Capellini